"Capture Everything In Love".

At the early school age of 10, Rosalind nicknamed Rose, discovered her strong will to Live and her Love for The Arts.

 Rosalind has always believed she was ahead of her time.

With boldness and the desire to fall into “originality” and fall out of the “normal” box, she dares to be different and she's such a trendsetter!

By creating fun and capturing those moments with photography.

  Rosalind is know as the "Self Love Photographer".

She uses photography to build connections and promote; self-awareness, self-acceptance, love of self and to embrace your sexy.

This for everyone, but mainly for women that have lived and experienced the ups and downs of life!

She said “ I am so thankful for the love and desire to keep pressing forward and this extraordinary gift that GOD has placed in me, which I will use to touch and inspire others to Live, Love and Enjoy their Self, Dreams and The Arts!

Without a dream you have no vision of your life,

without a vision, you are not truly living!

Rosalind is definitely an example of loving her self, living her dreams, while enjoying the art and beautiful things!


“Artfully image was apart of my 40th birthday Harlem Nights Shindig. They added so much flavor and fun to the party. The backdrop matched the event perfectly. Rose is very friendly, people just love her. Not to mention she was on time and all set up before the party started and stayed the entire time. Me and all my guests still talk about the photo-booth and it's been 3 months. Be sure at your next event to book Artfully Images.”

“I had the pleasure of meeting Rose a few years ago and she's been a gem ever since! I recently had the opportunity to partake in a "Self-Love" photoshoot and it was nothing short of amazing. Rose was very professional, prompt, fun and makes you feel very comfortable. And did I mention her studio as amazing as well! You definitely wont be disappointed with her work! Happy Booking!”

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